New Jersey AniMeals

Feeding pets whose people are in need


Whatever you like to do, there’s a place for your skills and enthusiasm

with New Jersey AniMeals.


We are a nonprofit volunteer team that is passionate about keeping pets and their owners-

in-need together. Many disabled, shut-in, or low income pet owners in this area struggle every day to feed their beloved cats and dogs, and are at risk of having to surrender them to shelters. Can you imagine if that happened to you?


That’s where New Jersey AniMeals steps in, with monthly deliveries of free food and litter to Hunterdon and Warren County residents in need (think “Meals on Wheels for cats and dogs").


Because of NJA, more owners in need can keep their pets – and enjoy the profound physical and emotional benefits from their loving bond –

and, best of all, fewer pets end up in shelters!


Please consider joining with us to make a huge difference in the lives of cats and dogs and their people in need. Our volunteer opportunities can fill whatever time you’d like to give – from an occasional hour to several hours a week -- it’s up to you. We’ll provide information and training so you’ll feel comfortable with our organization and your new activities. And we’ll always welcome your ideas and suggestions.


Here’s a sample of ways you can help:


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• Make regular pickups from NJA donation bins and jars.
• Pick up from other donors as needed and transport food to storage.
• Transport regular monthly deliveries of food and litter from NJA storage to clients’ homes.
• Make one-time deliveries of supplies and applications to prospective clients.

Work with the Web and social media?
• Develop ideas and features for the NJA Website and Facebook page.
• Investigate marketing opportunities for NJA through Web and social media.
• Evaluate advantages of online links with other animal groups.
• Check out online fundraising options for NJA.

Greet the public?
• Participate in a supermarket food drive.
• Sit at the NJA table during events hosted by other groups.

Organize or participate in special events?
• Arrange for pairs of volunteers to staff food drives and other recurring events.
• With other volunteers, plan and coordinate special NJA events, e.g., Halloween costume contest, Santa Paws Pet Pix, Dog’s Day Out.

• Be an NJA champion promoting our program, Web site, Facebook page, events, volunteer opportunities, successes, and more to family, friends, coworkers, clients, folks at school or the gym, and anyone else you can think of.

Make cold calls? (Other volunteers will provide contact lists…)
• Call supermarkets to get dates for food drives.
• Civic and business groups to get speaking dates.
• Scout and youth groups to introduce the NJA Follow the Food program.
• Businesses to see if they will host a donation bin for food or a donation jar for cash.
• Veterinarians to find out if they will reduce fees for clients in need.

Do research? (Others will make the contacts...)
• Compile contact lists of civic groups, businesses, and other venues to approach for NJA speaking dates.
• List of supermarkets to approach for food drives.
• Venues to approach for hosting donation bins and jars.
• Scout and youth groups to approach for NJA’s Follow the Food program.
• Newspapers, free magazines, and other publicity outlets for articles and calendar notices, including requirements for submission.
• Veterinarians to approach for reduced fees for clients in need.

Do phone work?
• Talk with clients and applicants to update their records and review their qualifications.
• Check messages on the NJA phone line. Return calls or pass information to other volunteers.
• Coordinate with drivers and food donors to arrange donation pickups.

• Using our standard paragraphs, personalize thank-you letters acknowledging donations and other kindnesses from our many supporters.
• Write blurbs and features about NJA and events (and arrange for photos if needed) for publicity. Submit to newspapers, radio, online publications, free magazines, and other outlets.
• Generate or update NJA brochures, flyers, and other print materials.
• Create special communications to our volunteers, clients, and the public.
• Write grant proposals.

Guide young people?
• Be a part of mentoring scout and youth groups through our NJA Follow the Food initiative.

Communicate via email?
• Check NJA emails regularly and reply or forward as appropriate.

Work with supplies?
• At our food storage depot, pull food and litter for each client’s delivery and coordinate pickup with the volunteer who is delivering.
• Provide to appropriate volunteers the NJA signage, handouts, donation jars, and other materials for food drives, events, and general distribution.
• Create donation bins and jars and arrange for delivery to host venues; arrange pickup at the end of food/cash drives.

Keep records; work with databases?
• Obtain copies or printouts of event materials and published pieces on NJA and give to NJA archivist.
• Maintain database of donation bins and jars, their locations, and length of food/cash drives.
• Update our database of applicants on waiting list.
• Keep up our database of potential volunteers and their preferences.

We look forward to exploring with you the fun and possibilities of working together to help animals and their people in need.

Thank you for your interest in New Jersey AniMeals!